Boost Brain Power with Exercise

ADHD Exercise

Some of our kids aren’t into exercising if they aren’t the “athletic type”. Don’t fret. There are things you can do to get them moving and keep their brains sharp!

Just 1 Mile Keeps Your Brain from Shrinking
Our brains tend to shrink as we age, just like a piece of fruit on the counter. But you could help keep your brain plump and young just by walking about a mile a day.

What’s so great about a big brain?
Studies show that aerobic exercise actually increases the size of our brain, which improves our mental capacity. It likely means more mental power. When it comes to brains, bigger really is better.

Have you and your kids built exercise into your summer structure? Not convinced exercise can make a difference? Did you know…

  • It turns out exercise is just as good for our brains as it is for our bodies.
  • It can help fend off some of those pesky ADHD stressors too.
  • Exercise is the most natural way to improve your mood and self-confidence after months of hibernating from the cold.
  • Regular exercise is as effective as antidepressants for mild to moderate depression, which all too commonly shows up for those with ADHD.
  • The kind of activity you choose doesn’t have to be rigorous, but the more your heart pumps, the better it is for your brain.

10 Tips for Body Brain Boosting Exercises

  1. Let each person in the family have a day to pick the exercise activity.
  2. Be open to trying new things.
  3. Be supportive of each other. Hey, it’s not about being an athlete.
  4. Set a goal. Use a pedometer so your kid can see how many steps they take each day.
  5. Have back-up ideas for rainy days, like the Wii-Fit or X-Box
  6. Have a dance party!
  7. Build in some one-on-one time with each kid for a daily walk in the morning or after dinner.
  8. Get a dog and walk that dog! Dog lovers have lower stress levels and are more physically and mentally fit when taking their best friend on walks!
  9. Try doing something that includes another person so that you get that added brain boost that comes from socializing while you exercise. Try walking, blading, cycling or throwing a Frisbee with some friends.
  10. Beat the boredom! Change it up from time to time. You don’t have to do the same thing every day, year after year. The first muscle to get bored is your brain. When muscles get bored, they stop working. Stop getting stronger. Don’t let them know what’s coming. Use both sides of your body. Alternate different activities on different days to keep boredom that plaques ADHDers at bay. If you’re a walker or runner, vary your route. Learn new street signs. See new sights. Meet new people.

Why are you still sitting here? Get moving now!

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