Beat Boredom and Boost the Brain

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The lazy days of summer are here. The kids are out of school, schedules are more relaxed, and you’re having fun. But if you’re starting to hear the whines of, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do,” you can squelch the boredom blues and boost brain activity too.

Take advantage of this summer down time to set your kid up to try-out a hobby he’s been interested in but just never got around to doing.

Learning a new activity or gaining a new skill benefits our brains. Every new activity we indulge in forces our brains to adjust and change. Sometimes we are uncomfortable trying to learn new things but this discomfort is natural. It’s just our brains adjusting and learning.

Don’t worry, my friend, if your child is hesitant. A little encouragement from you can go a long way. Let your child know, it’s ok if whatever he’s learning for the first time isn’t perfect. It’s supposed to be fun and there shouldn’t be any embarrassment if it isn’t mastered immediately, or ever!
If you can join in on the learning too, go for it. You are staving off the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s and other conditions related to decreases in mental abilities.

8 Ways to nurture your noggin.

  • Sign up for a class that teaches a new skill. Doesn’t matter what it is as long as your kid is interested in it. Interest is key for those with ADD/ADHD to stick with it. Joining a class with people with common interests means your kid will be meeting new people and possibly forming new relationships. All good for the brain!
  • Learn a new language. Don’t worry about mastering another language. Have fun learning words and phrases commonly used in your household.
  • Try reading something for pleasure. How about a comic book or a “How To” book? I know one family who decided to start a family book club for the summer. Great common ground for the family and keeps the family communicating and connecting.
  • Write using your non-dominant hand on a daily basis: the more complex the better. I can tell you as a left-hander, I’ve been forced to do certain things right-handed. Funny, how when I try to use my left-hand for those things now, it’s challenging. Those right-handed things are imprinted in my brain even though I’m left-handed.
  • Learn sign language as it increases IQ and increased IQ reduces risk of dementia.
  • Travel. Travel near. Travel far. Doesn’t matter because a new environment sparks the brain.
  • Learn to knit. The eye hand coordination and repetition are great for the brain.
  • Plant a Garden. Grow some of your own brain nutrient filled food and get outdoors. Being outside and better yet, in a green environment gives the brain a healthy boost. Moderate sunlight gives you that much-needed rush of vitamin D.

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