Learn to master the art of receiving

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There is no such thing as an unselfish gift. Have you noticed that “feel good jolt” you get when someone accepts a gift from you with excitement and energy? Unless you’re giving someone chicken pox, it’s hard to think of giving as a bad thing. And we can’t help it if it makes us feel good.

So what happens when someone gives us something and we don’t receive it with the same energy and excitement? We take that “feel good jolt” away from them.

Ahhhh, this is a different twist. It’s not about the giving – it’s about how we receive. This isn’t just about material gifts. The gift of someones time, a prayer they’ve prayed, a driveway shoveled, a dinner made, any act of kindness is a gift.

Recently, I reached out to a dear friend because I needed her expertise, her positive energy, her sweet caring voice. I showed up with humility and humbleness to fully accept her gifts.

When I pay attention to how I receive, I’m keenly aware of the power of allowing gifts of kindness and support into my life.

Sometimes the greatest gift you give someone is to ask for something. Ask them to share their gift, because you value them as a person, value their abilities, value their strengths.

Asking for support does not mean you are not strong, independent or resilient. Asking for what you need makes you even more-so!

Are you allowing the gifts of the people in your life to take part and “be” a part of your life – the happy moments and the challenging moments?

The next time you think you can do it all alone, you might be missing a chance to give someone you care about that “feel good jolt”.

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