The Power Of Delegating


Do you define success by “you having to do it all yourself”?

Imagine feeling peaceful, experiencing a deep feeling of well-being – my definition of success. How I get there is merely a strategy.

If you’re never feeling successful in your days, it’s time to start doing something different.

Let go of having to do it all yourself.

We aren’t all good at everything.

Let it go.

What opens up for you?

How about a team?

Having a support team is important for everyone. For adults with ADHD and parents of ADHD kids, a team is essential.

You need people to fill in the gaps where you procrastinate or don’t follow-through.

What can your team do?

They take over tasks that are repetitive and can’t hold your attention.

They provide expertise where you don’t.

They do those things you put off because you don’t like to do them because they bore you to tears.

They do those things you know you ‘should do’ but don’t.

What areas in life do we need support anyway?

Health: Diagnostician/Medical Support/Fitness Trainer

Be it because you suspect ADD/ADHD or any other condition, and you are not a doctor, then you need an expert.

Looking specifically for ADD/ADHD support and confused by the myriad of professionals out there and what they do? Grab your free copy of the free Quick Guide to Practitioners for LD and ADHD.

Can’t get motivated to exercise? A personal trainer can help.

Money: Financial Planner/Bookkeeper/Accountant

Let’s face it. There is nothing more boring than paying bills. If the day-to-day money management is tripping you up, it’s time to get someone to do it for you. The cost of sabotaging your credit score and late fees is probably better spent on hiring a professional.

Putting off saving for college or retirement? Get a financial planner NOW! Yes, it feels likes my kids were just in diapers, but I’m sending my first off to college this year!

Home: Cleaning service/handyman/professional organizer

Just because your mother would NEVER let anyone clean her house, doesn’t mean you have to follow-suit.

That cabinet door hanging off the hinges? It’s ok. Call a handyman.

Watch Hoarders and can relate? Ummm…get a professional organizer to help you purge and support you through the tough decisions.

Education: Learning Specialist/Tutor/Education Advocate

If your kid struggles in school, hand this task over to the learning specialist.

Hesitant to embark on more supports at school for your kid because it’s just too overwhelming? Hire an education advocate to get you through.

Your Future: Coach

You’re ready to take action. Ready for a change. Maybe not sure how to get there or go about making that happen? Coaching is a unique partnership..a place of non-judgmental and supportive structure. It lets you build skills for growth and change. It’s your GPS for getting to your desired destination.

What kind of coach do you need?

Well, it depends on what you want to do.

If your goal is to learn to live more easily with your ADHD you’d be wise to pick a well-trained, experienced ADHD coach.

Sometimes we resist hiring the peeps we need the most and it usually comes down to two reasons:

1. Perfectionism
Of course, no one will do things like you do. Sometimes that’s good. If your standards are too high then learning to let go will be a necessary challenge. And sometimes a different approach will yield better results.

Remember, your team can serve as an accountability placeholder….someone to give deadlines for you to meet. Deadlines that keep you focused and productive.

Have you noticed, it’s often easier to get something done for someone else than it is for ourselves?

2. Cost
Yes, these cost money but ask yourself these questions first.

  • Can you afford NOT to get the support from others?
  • How will your finances improve if you hire someone?
  • What will happen to your confidence when you stop focusing on the things that frustrate you and make you feel like you’re not measuring up?
  • What will happen to your stress levels when you know stuff is getting done?
  • What will you have time for now that you’ve unburdened yourself of these things?

10 Minute Action Steps:

1. Make a list of the peeps you thought of that could help you the most. Rank them from most to least important.

2. Identify who you can ask about finding this team member or if you’re going to look on-line etc.

3. Make an appointment and set a reminder on your calendar to complete the previous step!

You need people on your team who will fill in the holes and give you support or a nudge. Having a team do the stuff you’re not so good at allows you to focus on your strengths and live each day feeling accomplished and successful.

Who’s on your success team? Let us know below!

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  1. So true. Going by other people’s expectations is a disaster. Accepting yourself, creating methods and support networks as well as celebrating small successes is essential.

    • You’re so right. We seem to wait to celebrate when we hit a huge milestone but it’s the day-to-day celebrations that keep us motivated to keep going! Thanks for sharing Jessica. 🙂

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