4 Ways Friendship Improves Your Life

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Does it surprise you that lot’s of people are lonely and disconnected, despite our on-line connections of friends, followers and likes?

We’re missing out on the positive effects of sharing smiles and hugs with all this technology. When you add ADHD to the mix, the problem gets worse.

Some ADHD quirks get in the way of making and holding on to friends. Friendships depend on us being on time and being at the right place to meet; remembering names; remembering people’s stories; not putting foot in mouth; listening — not interrupting; not getting too close too quickly; being able to tolerate frustration; managing emotions, being patient.

You’ve Got Lots to Offer

On the flip-side, ADD’ers are, in many ways, gifted in friendships — being warm, generous, forgiving, and intuitive. Sadly, these great qualities aren’t recognized enough because the other quirky challenges of ADHD get in the way.

Friendships cost nothing but time and attention.

But they rely on us taking initiative. When one person is always the one to keep in touch, it gets old and the friendship eventually dies. Tending to your current friends is crucial. You have to check in with a person regularly to make sure the friendship stays healthy.

Think of one person you’d like to connect with more. Someone who you share a genuine and mutual connection with…..even if it’s been awhile since you’ve talked.

You’re hesitating?

Consider these four reasons why friendships are so important to our health and well-being before brushing this aside.

  1. Friendship Boosts Our Positivity.

    Studies have shown socializing and connecting with others boosts our positivity. And what is better for our negatively charged brains? We pick up on other’s positive energy. Those with a healthy dose of friendship lower their risk of dementia just by chit-chatting comfortably with their best buds.

  2. Friendship Helps Us Grow.

    Make new friends and keep the old. All friendships require continual nurturing, dedication, and attention — even in the face of busyness. And it is perhaps especially in the face of busyness where we need our best friends. They help center us. They help soothe us. They help remind us what this busyness is all really for. This process of nurturing our friendships keeps us growing and changing…and if we aren’t growing and changing we aren’t living.

  3. Friendship Helps Us Become Our Best Selves.

    Good friendships are free of judgment. They allow us to explore each other’s crazy ideas. They let us feel what we need to feel. They let us discover things about ourselves we wouldn’t have known otherwise. A good friendship allows us to do things our unique way…a different way than everyone else.

  4. Friendship Teaches Us The Art Of “Give And Take”.

    Good friends force us to recalibrate and help us through our most trying times. They invite us to be vulnerable when we need to. They ask us to be supportive when we are needed. A good friendship gives us the chance to step up and be there for someone else, unselfishly – letting all those great traits of ours shine through.

Who are you going to connect or re-connect with?

Reflect on the connection you made. Consider how true each of the following statements is for you:

During this interaction, I felt “in tune” with the other person.
During this interaction, I felt close to this person.
After this interaction, I had more positive feelings and thoughts.
After this interaction, I felt more energized.

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