Who Is On Your Support Team?

ADHD Support Team

You’re thinking, OMG I need an entire team? Yes! You probably already have lots of peeps on your team already and don’t even know it.

When I work with parents of younger kids we talk about the team. We name the team after the child like, “Team Joshua”. Kids relate to the team idea early on and are not intimidated by it. The team consists of different practitioners, teachers, counselors, parents, family and friends.

We get older and some of these team mates change or go away. But what about the people we need when we reach young adulthood and beyond?

Here are some team players who will support you in the most important ways. Who do you have in your life to fill these spots on your team?  Usually, these peeps are right in front of you but you’ve never noticed.

Belief Buddies

Belief Buddies are your fan club. They recognize your potential, offer encouragement and celebrate even your tiniest successes. Your closest friends should all fit into this category, plus anyone that’s out there cheering for you. They’re the ones who say “go for it!”.


Confidantes are your sounding boards. You can talk to them intimately about your challenges, goals and efforts to change. They may or may not be on the same path but they genuinely relate to the steps you are taking. They’re the ones who say “I understand”.


Mentors are role models. They provide you with a map or serve as proof that success is possible. They could be formal coaches, current acquaintances, people you’ve read about or someone you’ve admired from afar. They’re the ones who say “You can do it, let me show you how”.


Messengers deliver valuable information. They may have a referral, an idea, a job lead or some communication that provides forward momentum. You may already know them, but mostly you’ll meet them through networking and reaching out. They’re the ones who say ‘I can help”.

Who do you have on your team? It’s time to reach out and connect with others. I guarantee they are looking for you too.

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