5 Ways To Ease Up On Yourself

It feels like everyone expects you to cooperatively organize everyone without complaining, and look great while you do it.

It’s unrealistic for anyone. There’s the part of you that knows it’s unrealistic, and then there’s the part of you that pursues it anyway.

When you feel chronically strung out and stressed, you don’t feel you deserve any time for yourself.

You don’t feel entitled to relaxation or adequate sleep, and you put your own self-care on the back burner.

This saps your resources, makes you more likely to get sick or have an accident, and exacerbates your ADHD symptoms even more. Feeling awful becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Don’t give up hope.

5 Ways to Ease Up on Yourself

1. Understand that what works for everyone else doesn’t work for you.

Accept it and you’ll find your best way of getting things done. Honor your differences. Do you really want to be like everyone else?

2. Give Yourself 10 Minutes

If you don’t schedule it, it probably won’t happen. So mark your calendar for 10 minutes of daily ‘regrouping’ time. This can entail meditation, yoga, walking the dog, reading a book, painting… Whatever it is, make sure it’s just for you — and don’t let anyone drag you away early.

“You may not feel you deserve it, or you may feel too overwhelmed.” “But you will be happier and healthier for it.”

3. Just Say No

Give yourself permission to decline invitations, skip volunteer opportunities, and generally say, “Unfortunately, I just can’t.” Your plate is overfilled. Don’t say “Yes” to one more thing.

4. Enlist Help

Tell your significant other, friends, or family that you need help. Show your vulnerability and accept assistance and ideas from others. Be willing to give and take. Organizing the entire world of your family is not your job alone. It is something everyone can learn.

5. Ignore Everyone Else

Don’t seek out normal. It’s boring. Instead, focus on feeling good and happy. No one can decide for you the best way to live. And no one is judging you as harshly as you are yourself.

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