Stop Trying To Do It All; Here’s How

Are you feeling it? 

It’s as if we’ve finally, almost, gone back to our old normal (pre-covid). And I gotta tell you, I’m exhausted. My clients are exhausted and asking me, “Carlene, is this even realistic? Doing it all? How did I keep going at this pace day after day?”

If you’re one of the few who has managed to keep some of the “slowing down” a part of your life, I’m sending you a big ol’ high five. 

But if you’re in the first camp, running from thing to thing, barely able to catch your breath, and feeling like you’re not doing enough, keep on reading.

First, you need to stop and take a deep breath. (Yes, I’m totally serious).

Now stop telling yourself that you’re not doing enough.

This is your invitation to silence the voice that says you need to be doing more. 

First, where did that come from, that in order to  prove yourself worthy, you need to be doing more? 

How is it that proof of you being a kind person, a good human, comes from a laundry list of working, volunteering, overextending and exhausting yourself? 

Why is it that you have to have 5 or 500 different things going on to feel productive and valued? 

Who said working and taking care of yourself and your family is not enough?

Do what you have to do, delete what you don’t, dream what you love to do, deal with what you don’t.


Your worth is not measured by how many things you check off your to-do list.

Yes, you can start saying “no” to more things. You can try to find more time. You can try to be more efficient and delegate.

But what this really calls for is a change in mindset around your busyness, your value and your worth. 

When you live each day with this one thing, your productivity and your self-worth sky-rocket. 

This one thing is called Intention
A determination to act in a certain way.


Instead of looking at your long laundry list of to-do’s and cramming them in between your meetings and appointments try setting your intentions first. 

What are your intentions for this week? Or, it could be for the weekend or the day.

Here’s how it works. 

When we set intentions our to-do lists are a reflection of those intentions, not random things we think we need to get done.

Your intentions should speak to WHO you want to be this week, HOW you want to show up. 

Here are my 3 intentions for this week. 

Intention 1:

To be present and be the best coach I can be for my clients and community. (I could have just said coaching, but do you see the difference when it has texture? I know exactly how I want to show up.)

Now in order to support that intention, there are specific things I must do to ensure I show up as the best coach I can. Here’s what those look like.

To Do’s for Intention 1

→ 1:1 Coaching sessions with clients (M, T, W)

→ Writing a blog post.

→ Emailing y’all the blog post. 

→ Posting blog post, encouragement/how-to’s on IG Posts/Stories (post 4 days this week)

Intention #2:

To love myself first and take care of my physical and emotional needs. (Much more powerful and specific than “Self-Care”)

To Do’s for Intention 2:

→ Barre Class MWF – schedule on app

→ Walk dog daily

→ Journal before bed

→ Drink 64 oz water daily

→ Friday facial

Intention #3

To spend focused time with family and friends, listening, talking, laughing, planning together.  (Saying “Socialize” is to broad)

To Do’s for Intention #3:

→ Have family dinner 3x (or more this week)

→ Meal planning and grocery shop.

→ Call my Mom (daily)

→ Plan Jan Vacation with the girls.

→ Book flights

→ Reserve park tickets

→ Text 3 people I haven’t talked to in awhile to tell them I’m thinking of them.

Do you see how setting your intentions drives what’s on your to-do list? If a to-do pops up that doesn’t fall under one of your weekly intentions ask yourself:

🤔 Is this something I can do next week?

🤔 Is this a must do now, (the world will end if I don’t do it.)

🤔 Will anyone notice or care if it gets done this week?

Living your days with intention changes how you make decisions, how you show up, and how you feel about yourself at the end of your day.

It’s not about a life of activity. It’s about a life of intention.

Instead of trying to do it all, do what’s important and do it well.

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