Consulting as opposed to coaching is when an expert provides specific advice after evaluating a situation. Coaching is more client driven, where most of the answers come from within the client. Either process can help move an individual or group forward. Consulting and coaching can also be done in combination to create a more participatory outcome.

As a professionally trained Life Coach specializing in working with persons living with ADHD, a successful business owner, and a parent supporting a now college-bound daughter with ADHD, Carlene has become especially skilled at helping others  successfully navigate  the academic & medical mazes.

Carlene partners with anyone ready to take action to make changes to create the life they desire.  As a Life Coach she works with those living with ADD/ADHD AND with those NOT living with ADD/ADHD including adults, parents, and students of all ages.

Carlene serves as a consultant on issues related to executive functions, ADHD and invisible disabilities. She enjoys working with individuals, families, schools, universities, businesses, organizations, community groups or wherever else the expertise she has can be of help.

Consultation appointments are individually scheduled and designed to meet your specific needs, whether that be to assist you in outlining an effective 504 or IEP plan  or exploring  treatment options.