• Do you have a hard time getting started?
  • Are you a parent with ADD/ADHD struggling to manage your kids ADD/ADHD at the same time?
  • Are you constantly overwhelmed?
  • Do you jump from job to job?
  • Do you suffer from fatigue, rarely getting a good nights sleep?
  • Do you make decisions impulsively?
  • Do you want to improve your self-care?
  • Do you suspect you have been living with ADHD and fear diagnosis?
  • Have you been recently diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and are unsure of what’s next?
  • Is lack of focus affecting your job performance or your relationships?
  • Do you want to live a joyful life?

Adults, we work together to help you understand your challenges and how they have affected all areas of your life. You can develop life strategies to minimize these challenges to learn how  to live successfully and self-compassionately.  Coaching will help you manage ADD/ADHD by increasing your understanding of how the ADD/ADHD brain really works.  Through guided self-awareness you will find “your best way” of prioritizing, planning, and reaching your goals.

Once you become aware of your natural abilities and decide to use them consistently, you will experience success. These new experiences provide you with confidence and an ability to KNOW you are capable of creating what you want and what you believe is important in your life.

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