• Are you unsure if your child struggles from normal childhood growing pains or if it could be ADD/ADHD or something else?
  • Are you struggling with how tell your child and others about an ADD/ADHD diagnosis?
  • Have you not had your child evaluated for ADD/ADHD because you don’t know what you would or could do for your child after the diagnosis?
  • Do you have beliefs about labeling or medicating your child that are keeping you from making the best decisions for your child?
  • Are you exhausted and overwhelmed with the time you spend advocating for and supporting your child on a daily basis?
  • Has your own self-care suffered? 
  • Are you unsure how to best navigate the medical and academic mazes?
  • Are you concerned your child will spend a life-time struggling academically, socially, professionally?
  • Are you fearful of upsetting your child with discipline and boundaries?
  • Do you have ADD/ADHD yourself, be it diagnosed or undiagnosed?

Parenting a child with ADHD is a 24-hour, 7-day–a-week job with no breaks, no vacations and no guarantees. Families with one or more members struggling with ADD/ADHD are more chaotic, more stressed and less understood than other families.  My compassion and experience will lead you to discover your unique way to parent-coach your unique child.

Working together, I will guide you through understanding how your child’s ADD/ADHD brain works.  As a trained life coach specializing in ADD/ADHD combined with my personal parenting experience of parenting a child with ADHD,  I provide support to you in designing parenting strategies that will stop the chaos, create structure in your family’s lives, and empower you and your child.

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