Services For Social + Emotional Intelligence

Developing higher levels of Social and Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be the single most powerful thing you can do to advance your career, professional and personal relationships, and overall happiness.

As a Social + Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence, I have a wealth of tools and materials at my disposal, each designed to help you and your team be more successful, professionally and personally.


Training for Social & Emotional Intelligence
Customized training that’s right for your organization. Introduces your staff to the 26 Social and Emotional Intelligence competencies and gives them valuable information about which are most important for success – and how to use them in their work.

Here is what your company could experience in a training.

Team and Individual Coaching on Social & Emotional Intelligence
Personalized coaching for you and your team builds Social & Emotional Intelligence. We’ll focus on strengthening Social & Emotional Intelligence competencies such as key relationship management skills, keeping emotions in check, working calmly under stress and pressure, persuading and negotiating more effectively, and more.

Learn about how I work with people to develop their Social & Emotional Intelligence by clicking here. 

Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment
The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile measures 26 social and emotional competencies. It is the most comprehensive assessment available and is based on the model of Social and Emotional Intelligence used by more than 75% of Fortune 500 companies.

To find out how this assessment can help your team gain strengths and potential development needs when it comes to social and emotional intelligence, click here. 

Business Case for Social & Emotional Intelligence Training and Coaching
Social and Emotional Intelligence is not just a nice collection of soft skills. In today’s marketplace it is vital people understand and are aware of themselves and others, and use that awareness to shape their behavior, including their responses to challenging situations, and managing relationships with other people. A workforce with strong Social and Emotional Intelligence is best able to compete effectively in today’s marketplace and move the next level of success.

Learn about the tremendous results organizations like L’Oreal and the U.S. Air Force experienced by cultivating Social and Emotional Intelligence in their staff.

Are you ready for the next level of success?

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