Social + Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Training, & Assessment

If you are struggling in some of your key relationships, or simply want to master your interpersonal or leadership skills, learn more about what is possible through professional Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaching.

Did you know your IQ doesn’t guarantee success?

Smarts are important, but developing higher levels of Social & Emotional Intelligence (mastery in the collection of social, interpersonal, self-awareness, leadership and self-management skills) has been proven to be the single most powerful thing you can do to advance your career, professional and personal relationships, and overall happiness.

Your technical skills are important. But they are not enough. Often called people skills, street smarts, common sense, savvy, etc. this wide array of skills are emerging as the most important competencies in business and life!

Your ability to get along well with colleagues, direct reports and your superiors, and persevere in the face of conflict will get you a lot further than an extra 10 or 20 IQ points.

Years of solid academic research by Stanford University, the Center for Creative Leadership and others, now support the very intuitive truth that mastery of these personal and interpersonal skills are the single biggest factor contributing to an individuals success.

The most successful people in work and in life have the ability to manage themselves and manage their relationships with others.

  • The customer service representative who becomes a trusted resource by listening closely  to clients’ wants and addresses their concerns.
  • The co-worker who is able to anticipate and adjust to change by considering various perspectives and rethinking assumptions.
  • The direct report who listens to feedback without getting defensive.
  • The boss who can scan a room and zone in on the power people right away,

They have Social and Emotional Intelligence.

“Social and Emotional Intelligence is understanding and being aware of yourself and others, and using that awareness to shape your behavior, including your response to challenging situations and managing your relationships with other people.”

Unfortunately, awareness of Social and Emotional Intelligence is most prominent when it’s missing.

  • The co-worker no none trusts.
  • A colleague who impulsively interrupts because they just have to offer their conclusions, solutions or opinions.
  • The boss who explodes when a deadline is missed.
  • The direct report who can’t handle stress.
  • The office bully who leaves a toxic cloud in the organizational climate.

Lack of Social and Emotional Intelligence limits their degree of success.

Research by both the Center for Creative Leadership and Stanford University points to poor interpersonal skills as a key element in professional failure, particularly at the executive level.

Here is the good news.

Social and Emotional Intelligence can be learned and strengthened throughout our lives. It’s never too late to add these essential skills and enhance career development and advance team performance.

Studies conclude the fastest way to enhance Social and Emotional skills is through Coaching.

Learn more about my training and coaching services on Social and Emotional Skills here.

Cultivating Social and Emotional Intelligence is a smart thing for anyone to do, and it’s vital for you and your staff members if you are a corporate team leader, a small business owner with employees or an individual who want to…

  • Develop more rewarding relationships personally and professionally.
  • Manage emotional responses more effectively in the moment, shaping them to be productive (move from reacting emotionally to responding thoughtfully, to get desired results).
  • Read other’s emotions more effectively, resulting in smoother more fruitful interactions.
  • Be more intentional in life and work
  • Cultivate interpersonal communication skills in order to better navigate a relationship-based world.
  • Manage conflict and stress more productively.
  • Increase enjoyment and live with resilience.

And there’s more. Social and Emotional Intelligence encompasses stress management, powerful influencing skills, change agency, teamwork and collaboration, trust building and much more.

Learn more about the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile assessment we use here.