Our ADHD Story

Okay, I admit it. Twenty years ago working in corporate America, I had hardly even heard of ADHD. And I thought coaching was only a sports profession.

So, how did I get from there to where I am today?
Lots of Love and A Little Magic

Yep. The love you experience only from being a parent. And that everyday kind of magic we create when we wake up and discover who we really are and what we’re truly meant to do in this world. That powerful dynamic duo of love and magic that only being a Mom can reveal.

I learned quickly, pills are not skills.

I fought for support at school so my daughter could learn HER best way. I’m telling you our schools are just about the worst place for our kind of amazing kids to really learn. Just sayin’.

Back in the early days I never knew education laws existed. Now I know the law. Not like a lawyer. But “rockin’ good enough” to get my daughter what she needs and deserves. Yep, I’m an advocate.

And I’ve taught my daughter to advocate for herself. 

I am forever grateful for friends and family.

They took the first important step of asking for help, allowing me to see my purpose and calling.

One of my very dear friends thanked me for going through the hell I went through so she wouldn’t be alone on her journey. There’s a song that says,

“When you’re going through hell keep on going…..”

I want you to know you don’t have to go through it alone….and that makes it a little less hellish. My journey naturally unfolded into supporting friends and family who were on similar journeys and today spans a distance I never could have imagined.

With lots of love and a little magic,
my ADHD Coaching practice was born.

Meet my daughter  Emily who is thriving and now working with kids just like her as a social worker in an elementary school. She is proof that anything is possible. She graduated college and earned her Masters in Social Work.  

She manages her ADHD without medication, works-out, eats healthy and has a group of great friends.

I could brag about her forever, so I'll just say  that I am one proud Mama! 

Here's How It Went Down

I ditched my corporate career position for full-time Mom. My oldest daughter was born a “preemie”. I was clueless and unprepared for the immediate and long-term unknowns. Doctors told me she would eventually “catch-up.” I lived in constant doubt wondering if anything I was doing mattered….if I was doing the right things…wondering what I was missing.

I was alone. Mind-boggling alone.

I tried to tell others “something is just off” for my daughter. They told me it was all in my head. To just relax. It’ll work itself out.

My husband thought I was coo-coo. His quiet place of denial looked so enticing compared to my place of doubt, fear, and the certainty I would have to figure it out alone.

It’s amazing to me when I think of my husband today, supportive and truly interested in ADHD Coaching…nothing like the guy who suffered from “Dad’s Denial” years ago. He wants me to tell you to trust your intuition and keep going. Your partner is likely to get on board when things start changing for the better.

It doesn’t matter what you call it ADD, ADHD or something else. It doesn’t matter if you “believe” in it or not. And, since when is a medical condition something to believe in? I digress.

You can still have your beliefs so long as it doesn’t keep you from getting the person you love and is struggling what they need…..even if that person is YOU!

I argued with doctors when they misdiagnosed my daughter with autism.

I spent 9 long years searching for answers before finally getting my daughter’s ADHD diagnosis. They handed me a tiny useless brochure and told me to put her on medication. I don’t take sides on the meds vs. no meds debate.

I put every tool at our disposal to work for us in our battle to dominate ADD/ADHD. This includes natural practices like diet, exercise, mindfulness, sleep, and ADHD Coaching.

• ACC Certified through the International Coaching Federation (ICF) adhering to the established ethics and standards in Coaching.
• Certified Executive Coach – Center of Executive Coaching
• AAC Graduate - ADD Coach Academy
• Certified Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach (SEIP – Social & Emotional Intelligence Profile)
• Certified in Positive Psychology from University NC, Chapel Hill
• Conversational Intelligence C-IQ Coach
• Strength Finders Assessment

Certifications & Degrees


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Professional Work Experience

• Bachelor’s Of Science in Finance
• Extensive corporate experience in Finance and Supply Chain at McDonald’s Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Unocal, and Household Finance
• Over 2,000 hours of Coaching experience
• Consultant, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

• Contributing author to the best-selling books, “Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD”and “Wacky Ways to Succeed with ADHD.”