Coach Carlene
Adult ADHD

4 Positive Outcomes of an Adult ADHD Diagnosis

You suspect that, “I may have a bit of that ADHD.” Perhaps you took my ADHD quiz. Or you read an article. Someone showed you a checklist. Maybe a family member has been diagnosed. Now you’re worried. Wondering,… Read More

Asking for Help

The Real Reason It’s Hard To Ask For Help

Do you treat “help” like a 4-letter word? What if you had more freedom to ask for what you wanted and for specific support from other people? What if you could ask for help in a confident, humble… Read More

Organization Time Management

How To Make A To-Do-List You Can Actually Complete

Do you use a to-do-list? Or, do you not bother because they don’t help you get anything done. For some our to-do-list stares back at us at the end of the day taunting us for not getting anything… Read More

College Students ADHD

4 Strengths That Will Help You Succeed In College

As you’ve been preparing to start college, you’ve likely been thinking of the ways — both good and bad — that it is going to be different than high school. You’re going to be living in a new… Read More

Flying Dragon

Teen Moves from Blaming ADHD to Dominating It!

Here’s a peek inside the mind of a teenage boy who isn’t just living with ADHD but FLOURISHING! Take ADHD, spin it, toss it around, and catch it from the point of view of the true experts –… Read More

woman on phone computer post-its

5 Reasons to Stop Multitasking

Are you a good multi-tasker? Think you are awesome at your work because you’re doing two things at once? Nope. You just make yourself look bad. Or worse – stand to disappoint others and yourself. We think multitasking… Read More

Mom and Daughter talking ADHD

8 Coaching Questions to get Your Student Talking

Are you missing something? Something important? Maybe and maybe not. Seems our kids come home from school and either say nothing about their day or they chatter you up and down until bedtime. It keeps parents on their… Read More

Upset ADHD Teenage Girl With Friends Gossiping In Background

Good Grades are NOT the Key to Success

It’s true. The key indicator of a child becoming a successful happy adult is social intelligence, NOT academic intelligence, say some studies. Not so shocking, we over focus on getting our kids through and less on helping them… Read More

Kids sitting looking bored

Beat Boredom and Boost the Brain

The lazy days of summer are here. The kids are out of school, schedules are more relaxed, and you’re having fun. But if you’re starting to hear the whines of, “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do,” you can squelch… Read More

Girl in Field

Green Time is a Good Time for ADHD

When I was a kid, my parents were always telling us to go outside and play. I thought we were driving them a little crazy and they were trying to find some peace in their day. That very… Read More

Teen boy playing video games

Is Your Kid Addicted to Electronics?

Watch out for “obsession.” Children with ADHD may become “hyper-focused” on electronics. The intense engagement that kids with ADHD display while playing video games is a double-edged sword, fraught with both danger and great opportunity. Goes without saying that… Read More

Woman overwhelmed with clutter

8 Reasons Why Your Clutter Is Growing

Does spring cleaning excite you or nag at you? The cleaning part of things is hard to do if you don’t clear the clutter first. But where do you start? Spring cleaning sounds huge. When things are huge… Read More