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Adult ADHD

4 Positive Outcomes of an Adult ADHD Diagnosis

You suspect that, “I may have a bit of that ADHD.” Perhaps you took my ADHD quiz. Or you read an article. Someone showed you a checklist. Maybe a family member has been diagnosed. Now you’re worried. Wondering,… Read More

ADHD Impulsive Spending

How To Spend Less And Be Happy

Are you going about the season mindlessly working your to do list? Many people with and without ADHD find they overspend during the holiday season. Why does that happen?

Six Secrets To Finding The Best ADHD Coach For You

So you got ADHD and you want to start doing things differently. Good for you! Deciding to work with an ADHD coach is a big step. It takes tremendous courage to admit conquering ADHD all alone is, well…it’s… Read More

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Coaching Benefits

What can coaching do for you? It can help in: Identifying your specific strengths and weaknesses Setting realistic goals Learning to prioritize Finding tips and tools to stay on track and meet deadlines Utilizing coping strategies without giving… Read More

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5 Secrets to Live to Extraordinary!

Don’t dismiss anything as impossible. Imaginary boundaries, or in other words, our beliefs about what is possible, hold us back. Think of when an athlete breaks a world record.  Everyone believes it is impossible before he breaks the… Read More