Coach Carlene

7 Tips for Taking Breaks that Improve Your Productivity

Taking breaks is the counter-intuitive approach to improving productivity. Breaks should be a priority, not a reward for completing your to-do list. Listen to your body and know when to stop. Taking a break will help you perform… Read More

The Slippery Slope of Giving Unsolicited Advice

If you take this advice, it might actually save a relationship/friendship or two. Oh, the irony. Someone who gives advice on a personal development blog giving the advice to not give advice and then giving some more advice…. Read More

How To Say “No” and Make Room For What Matters

Are you a people pleaser? Has being busy and stressed out become a badge of honor you wear every day? Do you struggle with saying “no” to someone or something? Are there particular people in your life where… Read More

Life Coaching

How To Rewrite Your Story

You know that one person in your life…the one who knows just what buttons to push to get a rise out of you? Usually, this person is someone we love. Someone we trust. We give this person all… Read More

Colored Pencil Box Distractions ADHD

The Worst Advice I Gave my ADHD Child

 The most overlooked distraction is our thoughts. For those with ADHD it is often the biggest barrier to paying attention. Efforts we make to lessen external distractions don’t work for tuning-out our own thoughts. Music, TV, bright neon… Read More

Boy doing homework ADHD

The Number One Reason for Homework Meltdown

Managing emotions is tough. For those with ADHD, self-regulation is a tremendous challenge. Emotions, yours and your child’s, are the biggest obstacles to getting homework done. When your kid is fired-up crying, screaming, throwing and crumpling homework, how do you react? Do you… Read More

Mom helping boy with homework

The Secret to Stress-Free Parenting during Homework Time

You vowed this school year would be different. You got blind-sided again when your kid became a hot mess doing homework. You tried to help. Things got heated. You yelled. You wish you could take back the angry… Read More