Coach Carlene

Feeling Lonely? 10 Ways to Shake Things Up

I see loneliness all over. Feeling lonely every now and then is normal. But sometimes that loneliness can grow until we feel it more often than not. It’s normal to be alone. Loneliness, however, is a state of… Read More

How To Stay Grounded When Life Interrupts Life

Are you in a season that’s exciting and makes you want to jump out of bed everyday? Or, maybe you’re in a season where you feel kind of meh.? Or, maybe you’re in a season that’s stressful and… Read More

Here’s Why You’re Always Exhausted & What to Do Instead

“I’m exhausted and I think it’s because I don’t take enough downtime.” This is what one of my coaching clients is dealing with. Can you relate? If you can, you are going to be surprised at the outcome… Read More

5 Morning Rituals to Confidently Start Your Day

How often do you put yourself first? If you can’t put yourself first, first thing in the morning, then when can you? You deserve to spend time on yourself and put your needs first for the simple fact… Read More

Two Thoughts that Jack Self-Care

You think self-care isn’t that important because you are getting by each day. Your body is resilient. You can neglect it and not only will it keep working but it will alter itself to keep up with garbage… Read More