Coach Carlene

4 Simple Steps to Get What You Want

Many of us are doing plenty of visualizations every day. I’m sure you can remember a time when you worried so much about something that it actually happened. The problem is that most of us are doing visualizations… Read More

5 Mindsets to Adopt for Confident Conversations

People can sniff out your underlying fear and self-doubt no matter how well you think you’re faking it. The mindset you show up with to a conversation determines the outcome. These mindsets will help eliminate the overthinking and… Read More

5 Morning Rituals to Confidently Start Your Day

How often do you put yourself first? If you can’t put yourself first, first thing in the morning, then when can you? You deserve to spend time on yourself and put your needs first for the simple fact… Read More

Quote Jim Carrey

Life According to Jim Carrey: Stop Choosing Fear and Start Choosing Love

Jim Carrey is a funny man. He is living proof of what is possible for those living with ADHD. Fan or not, you have to appreciate his courage to live authentically…on his own terms, in his own genuine… Read More

ADHD Support Team

Who Is On Your Support Team?

You’re thinking, OMG I need an entire team? Yes! You probably already have lots of peeps on your team already and don’t even know it. When I work with parents of younger kids we talk about the team…. Read More

Asking for Help

The Real Reason It’s Hard To Ask For Help

Do you treat “help” like a 4-letter word? What if you had more freedom to ask for what you wanted and for specific support from other people? What if you could ask for help in a confident, humble… Read More


The Power Of Delegating

Do you define success by “you having to do it all yourself”? Imagine feeling peaceful, experiencing a deep feeling of well-being – my definition of success. How I get there is merely a strategy. If you’re never feeling… Read More