Coach Carlene

8 Self-Care Hacks For All Women

Feeling crazed and exhausted every day? I know the feeling. The fix sounds simple…make self-care a non-negotiable priority. It’s likely if you’re not recharging your battery every single day, you’re walking around haggard, crabby, and resentful. The first… Read More

5 Ways To Ease Up On Yourself

It feels like everyone expects you to cooperatively organize everyone without complaining, and look great while you do it. It’s unrealistic for anyone. There’s the part of you that knows it’s unrealistic, and then there’s the part of… Read More

Mom and daughter holding hands

Help for Moms with ADHD

The double whammy of having ADHD yourself and raising a kid with ADHD leaves many Mom’s feeling alone, depressed, overwhelmed, and did I mention exhausted? I talk to lots of Mom’s about their kid’s ADHD. Recently, I asked… Read More