Welcome to Coaching




What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process in which I support you in staying focused while you make changes in your life.  During our sessions, you will set the agenda and I will provide the support needed. Coaching is about starting where you are at today and moving forward.




Benefits of Coaching?

Through the supportive, and non-judgmental coaching environment and relationship, the client gains the insight and courage to employ and experience the skills and strengths they have always possessed. Check out some testimonials  to hear other’s success stories. 




How Does It Work?

Together, during the initial strategy session, we will clarify your current challenges and begin to design specific strategies that will work with your brain style, minimize your struggles and help you reach your goals. Read more about the coaching process here.




What’s My Next Step?

Your next step is to schedule a 20-30 minute complimentary phone consultation with me by clicking here on my calendar..  Get your questions answered about Coaching, ADHD and more. Together we will discover what your next best step is in getting support.