Meet Coach Carlene

An Executive &  Life Coach ready to serve your professional and personal needs.


As an Executive Coach, Carlene is most passionate in partnering with seasoned and emerging women leaders so they can experience greater influence within their organization and industry. As you work with Carlene, you will grow your leadership skills allowing you to lead with confidence.

The combination of Carlene’s current experience as a business entrepreneur and past experience in the corporate world offer her clients the best of coaching in careers and leadership in the fast-paced business world.

I invite you to read more about Executive and Leadership Coaching and how it can support you in your career and life.

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As a Life Coach specializing in ADD/ADHD, Carlene works with people of all ages who are ready to move past their ADD/ADHD challenges, focus on their strengths and flourish in their personal, academic and business lives.

As a parent, she knows first hand both the challenges and joys of raising a child with ADHD. Along her journey she discovered the positive power of using a parent-coach approach. She partners with parents and students to create the changes desired for their families.

I invite you to read more about Carlene’s ADHD and Coaching journey.

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Carlene is an ACC Credentialed Executive and Life Coach through the ICF -International Coaching Federation.