Coach Carlene

Stop Procrastinating: This is How You Get Things Done

“Lost time is never found again.” Benjamin Franklin If you have ADHD and/or are a chronic procrastinator, you’ve probably wondered why you can’t just get things done before the last minute. It’s not like you want to procrastinate;… Read More

How To Say “No” and Make Room For What Matters

Are you a people pleaser? Has being busy and stressed out become a badge of honor you wear every day? Do you struggle with saying “no” to someone or something? Are there particular people in your life where… Read More

Adult ADHD

4 Positive Outcomes of an Adult ADHD Diagnosis

You suspect that, “I may have a bit of that ADHD.” Perhaps you took my ADHD quiz. Or you read an article. Someone showed you a checklist. Maybe a family member has been diagnosed. Now you’re worried. Wondering,… Read More

8 Self-Care Hacks For All Women

Feeling crazed and exhausted every day? I know the feeling. The fix sounds simple…make self-care a non-negotiable priority. It’s likely if you’re not recharging your battery every single day, you’re walking around haggard, crabby, and resentful. The first… Read More

How Hormones, ADHD, Or Both Are Sabotaging You

Looking back I cringe, “Why did I waste precious time struggling alone? Why didn’t I see that other women go through the same thing? Mostly, because I either wasn’t listening, or women are not talking enough or at… Read More

ADHD Impulsive Spending

How To Spend Less And Be Happy

Are you going about the season mindlessly working your to do list? Many people with and without ADHD find they overspend during the holiday season. Why does that happen?

Quote Where's My Money?

Are You Motivated To Live Within Your Means?

Hearing the “B” word sends me into anxiety mode. I’m talking about the word “Budget“. Nothing will send the ADHD brain into a tailspin faster than hearing the word budget. For many adults with ADHD, managing money means… Read More

ADHD Shower

You Don’t Have To Dread Showering Every Day

Shhhh. I know it’s embarrassing. You don’t understand it. You pray no one else notices. You know? The smell; the stink of not showering. Of course you know keeping yourself clean and well groomed is healthy and socially… Read More

Quote Jim Carrey

Life According to Jim Carrey: Stop Choosing Fear and Start Choosing Love

Jim Carrey is a funny man. He is living proof of what is possible for those living with ADHD. Fan or not, you have to appreciate his courage to live authentically…on his own terms, in his own genuine… Read More

Breakfast Food

What To Eat to Boost Your Mind

For better or worse, what we eat affects our brains performance for the day. The combination of foods determines if our brains make the right connections. Are you ready for the secret formula? Here we go.


How Breaks Actually Make You More Productive

Are you feeling stressed? Are your neck and back muscles tight? Are you furrowing your brow? Feeling frustrated? Are you stuck? These are all signs it is time to take a break. I know you don’t want to… Read More

ADHD Support Team

Who Is On Your Support Team?

You’re thinking, OMG I need an entire team? Yes! You probably already have lots of peeps on your team already and don’t even know it. When I work with parents of younger kids we talk about the team…. Read More