Coach Carlene

Your Quick Fix to Shiny Object Syndrome

How many projects have you started and then dropped because you got bored or something newer and shinier pulled your attention away? Within weeks or months, you realize the idea wasn’t as brilliant in practice as it was… Read More

7 Tips for Taking Breaks that Improve Your Productivity

Taking breaks is the counter-intuitive approach to improving productivity. Breaks should be a priority, not a reward for completing your to-do list. Listen to your body and know when to stop. Taking a break will help you perform… Read More

The One Tool I Use to Declutter My Mind and Improve Focus

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of the big things that I want to do to make my dreams a reality. Do you know what that feels like? Your head… Read More

3 Simple Ways to Create Momentum

Are you guilty of having an idea, or an intuitive hit on something and immediately saying “I’ll do it later.”? Or “I’ll get back to this when I have more time.”? Now take a second to think about… Read More

How to Speak Your Boundaries (So People Hear You)

People- pleasing is rooted in self-doubt. You want to be liked. You don’t want anyone to be upset with you. You fear if you say no, they will stop talking to you. You don’t feel like you’re enough,… Read More

8 Signs It Is Perfectionism

Do you want to be perfect or excellent? I had to ask myself this question as I was listening to a Jon Acuff podcast. As I was listening it became crystal clear to me the moments I’m pursuing… Read More

7 Reasons We Suck at Prioritizing

Fall is your listening season. It’s your time to listen to the feedback from those around you and more importantly to listen to your intuition so you can know how to come through for the next year! It’s… Read More

7 Ways to Prevent That Afternoon Crash

A lot of us are back to the office and school. This is great for so many reasons like, connecting with others, having structure & routine, and even some built in accountability.  What many of us didn’t notice… Read More

3 Mindset Shifts You Must Make If You Are Stuck

The number one thing that keeps us stuck is our thoughts. We spend so much time being all busy up in our heads. You know what you want. You have the skills and the know-how to do it…. Read More

8 Ways to Slow Down and Get Better Results

“I’m a slacker if I’m not constantly accomplishing something. I’m afraid others will think I’m lazy. I need to do more, faster.” This belief that we MUST be uber productive to be worthy is killing our confidence and… Read More

One Simple Method to Get Your Priorities Straight

Oh, so many of us prioritize our tasks according to the needs of others. So often, there are underlying people-pleasing tendencies. At the end of the day, we think we’ve made everyone else happy, but they may not… Read More

How To Stop The Spiral Of Overthinking

Thinking about doing something is not the same as doing it. Everyone overthinks sometimes. It’s hard to recognize the spiral of overthinking when you’re caught in the middle of it. In fact, your brain might try to convince you… Read More