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Asking for Help

The Real Reason It’s Hard To Ask For Help

Do you treat “help” like a 4-letter word? What if you had more freedom to ask for what you wanted and for specific support from other people? What if you could ask for help in a confident, humble… Read More

Teen Driving

How To Ease Your Anxious Teen Into Driving Confidently

It’s the craziest thing. You mentally gear up for the teen driving years and your teen wants nothing to do with it. What’s up with that? Statistics prove our ADHD teens are higher risk drivers, getting in more… Read More

Organization Time Management

How To Make A To-Do-List You Can Actually Complete

Do you use a to-do-list? Or, do you not bother because they don’t help you get anything done. For some our to-do-list stares back at us at the end of the day taunting us for not getting anything… Read More

Improve Productivity

This One Trick Will Jump Start Your Week

When did we allow ourselves to be conditioned to hate 5 out of 7 days of our week? For most of us, Monday is the day we dread. These “beliefs” have trapped us into work habits of low… Read More

College Students ADHD

4 Strengths That Will Help You Succeed In College

As you’ve been preparing to start college, you’ve likely been thinking of the ways — both good and bad — that it is going to be different than high school. You’re going to be living in a new… Read More

ADHD Shy Kids

How To Help Your Shy Kids Be More Confident

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just flick a switch and make your kids shyness go “POOF’”? Your child wouldn’t worry anymore about what others think, no more embarrassment in front of other people. Your kid could… Read More

Smile Quote

4 Ways Friendship Improves Your Life

Does it surprise you that lot’s of people are lonely and disconnected, despite our on-line connections of friends, followers and likes? We’re missing out on the positive effects of sharing smiles and hugs with all this technology. When… Read More


The Power Of Delegating

Do you define success by “you having to do it all yourself”? Imagine feeling peaceful, experiencing a deep feeling of well-being – my definition of success. How I get there is merely a strategy. If you’re never feeling… Read More

Flying Dragon

Teen Moves from Blaming ADHD to Dominating It!

Here’s a peek inside the mind of a teenage boy who isn’t just living with ADHD but FLOURISHING! Take ADHD, spin it, toss it around, and catch it from the point of view of the true experts –… Read More

woman on phone computer post-its

5 Reasons to Stop Multitasking

Are you a good multi-tasker? Think you are awesome at your work because you’re doing two things at once? Nope. You just make yourself look bad. Or worse – stand to disappoint others and yourself. We think multitasking… Read More

6 Ways to Support Someone You Love

6 Ways to Support someone you love

Who is this older gentleman feverishly taking notes, wearing a business suit at the CHADD Conference? I assumed him a physician or school administrator. WRONG! He raises his hand and asks, “How can I be there for my granddaughter… Read More

Mom and Daughter talking ADHD

8 Coaching Questions to get Your Student Talking

Are you missing something? Something important? Maybe and maybe not. Seems our kids come home from school and either say nothing about their day or they chatter you up and down until bedtime. It keeps parents on their… Read More