Coach Carlene

How to Overcome the Fear of Starting Something New

I’m not going to tell you how amazing it is to start over or how freeing it feels do something that makes you nervous and doubt yourself. If you’re looking for that you can stop reading. But if… Read More

One Simple Way to Bust Through the Perfectionist Trap

Did you know perfectionism is one of the biggest confidence killers? PER-FEC_TION-ISMNounObsession with “getting it perfect” to avoid criticism and failure. Raise your hand if you’re a self-proclaimed perfectionist. You too huh? The pursuit of perfection can be… Read More

The Fastest Way To Change Your Mindset

In my work as an ADHD coach, there is one common problem that all of my clients share: painful self-doubt. The ADHD brain is, unfortunately, fertile ground for the seeds of self-doubt. It’s so easy for us ADHD… Read More

Here’s Why All Those Productivity Hacks Don’t Work

Now, if you’re a productivity fan, you love shortcuts, right? What if I told you, it’s not about all those quick get-it-done hacks?  Today’s productivity advice (and the whole work ethic, for that matter) is missing an essential… Read More