Coach Carlene

3 Ways to Outsmart Imposter Syndrome

To put it simply, imposter syndrome is the fear of being found out.  You fear that if you are found out, that you’ll be labeled, judged and rejected. You fear you won’t be taken seriously.  In response to… Read More

4 Simple Steps to Get What You Want

Many of us are doing plenty of visualizations every day. I’m sure you can remember a time when you worried so much about something that it actually happened. The problem is that most of us are doing visualizations… Read More

Why You Need to Stop Saying “I’m Sorry.”

It’s a strange thing because we are taught from childhood that we should apologize. “Say you’re sorry”, your parents told you. But, what we didn’t learn is that apologies aren’t appropriate in every situation and can harm our… Read More

Two Reasons You’re Not Motivated

Motivation is a weird thing. Most of us feel like we either have tons of motivation or other times motivation is nowhere to be found and we are trapped in a spiral of procrastination. There are two reasons… Read More

3 Simple Ways to Make Things Easy

Are you soooooo done with everything being so dang hard and stressful? We make things unnecessarily hard for ourselves. You don’t get a badge of honor for having so much “hard” in your life.. No, no, no! The… Read More

10 Habits That Are Destroying Your Confidence

The trick to accomplishing anything is thinking you can do it. In other words, confidence is key. Many of the confidence killers we inflict on ourselves are thing we don’t even realize we’re doing. But as with any… Read More

You’re an Inspiration and Don’t Even Know It

Are you constantly looking over your shoulder worrying about what others think of you? Is your default to assume they think the worst of you? Ugh. It’s so frustrating isn’t it? Here’s the thing. These critics only live… Read More

The One Tool I Use to Declutter My Mind and Improve Focus

Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of the big things that I want to do to make my dreams a reality. Do you know what that feels like? Your head… Read More

3 Simple Ways to Create Momentum

Are you guilty of having an idea, or an intuitive hit on something and immediately saying “I’ll do it later.”? Or “I’ll get back to this when I have more time.”? Now take a second to think about… Read More

How to Speak Your Boundaries (So People Hear You)

People- pleasing is rooted in self-doubt. You want to be liked. You don’t want anyone to be upset with you. You fear if you say no, they will stop talking to you. You don’t feel like you’re enough,… Read More

5 Easy Steps To Do Scary Things

You’re never going to feel ready to do something new. Of course, it will be uncomfortable, even scary. That is normal. If you wait for the fear to go away, you’ll never do anything. It’s NOT about making… Read More

8 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

I don’t have to tell you that healthy self-esteem matters. It helps you make sound choices, live big and allows everything into your life that you really, really want. And it’s not defined by a six-pack, a six… Read More